How does NauticalEdu actually work?

NauticalEdu develops and sells trainings using the Exentrim platform for surveying, testing, and certification. You choose and pay for courses on the nauticaledu.com website, then access them through the exentrim.com website

Who is responsible for my data and registered account?

Exentrim the partner company, is responsible. More details can be found in the Exentrim Privacy Policy.

What should I do if my payment fails or I want to change my payment method?

It is advised to verify with the bank that issued the payment card you are using. The most typical failure causes are "invalid cvv", "insufficient money in the account" and similar. If you need additional information or wish to change your payment method, please call us or write to us.

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For all questions and suggestions regarding courses, purchasing boats or selling nautical equipment, write to us at nauticaledu@exentrim.com or call us at +381 69 749 326 (from 9AM to 7PM)